Considering a Pharmacy Tech Career

A Pharmacy Tech is the person who assists a pharmacist in the dispensing of medicine. They also assist the patient/customer and must be willing to perform other pharmacy related tasks. For instance, you may be called upon to check on insurance questions for the customer, or answer questions of the doctor’s office. To obtain the status of a certified Pharmacy Technician, a class must be completed and an exam taken and passed.

Completing the course and obtaining the certification will result in a license. It will also help to acquire a higher salary range for the position.

The certification will provide knowledge needed to seek employment as a Pharmacy Tech, in stores that provide this service, along with clinics or health care institutions that dispense medication. Researching the many schools offering a program for a certification is necessary. Most want a school that is highly respected. You will need to learn generic and brand named prescription drugs and what conditions they are prescribed for treatment.

Also, a doctor’s handwriting can be difficult to read but you must learn the abbreviations and how to understand the prescription. Study the classification of the prescription drugs and what side effects may occur. It is a good idea to be confident that the course includes the areas of expertise that is preferred by prospective employers. Most schools require a high school diploma before beginning a course in this field.

An applicant must be without a criminal record, especially convictions relating to drugs. The State Board of Pharmacy approves the applicant to be admitted and a felony will prohibited such.

A certification exam will be required. Registering for this test can be accomplished by telephone or on-line. Study your class materials and research on your own on-line. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board has a website where you can access information. There is a practice test that will help greatly if you take it as many times as necessary. There is a time limit when you take the final test.